Warren Haynes Says New Gov’t Mule Album Might Be Released in May

via Jambands.com

Gov’t Mule frontman Warren Haynes has hinted that the band is very close to finishing their new studio album, as the guitarist revealed in a new Jambands.com interview that the band could be releasing the record, the 10th for the group, as soon as this May.

While Haynes never seems to have a moment to spare and is always engaging in new projects, his seminal band Gov’t Mule haven’t released a studio album since 2013’s Shout!, though they have offered up a few live efforts in the meantime, and Haynes has released his own solo work as well.

In the interview, Haynes responded to a question about his 2017 plans by saying, “We’re just wrapping up a new Govt’ Mule album, which, if all goes well, we’ll have out sometime in May. So once that’s out, we’ll be touring with Govt. Mule for the next year, year and a half or so. We’ll be going to Europe and Japan and all over the world to spread the word. Of course, there’s always other projects going on, but that will be the main focus for me from that time forward.”
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