Gov’t Mule Welcomes Guests & Offers Debut At Island Exodus Finale

via JamBase

Gov’t Mule staged their third and final two set performance at this year’s Island Exodus destination event on Tuesday night. The finale at Jewel Paradise Cove in Runaway Bay, Jamaica saw Mule’s frequent assortment of special guests as well as the band’s first time performing a new song.

“Traveling Tune” from the 2017 Gov’t Mule studio album Revolution Come, Revolution Go was selected by guitarist Warren Haynes to open Tuesday’s first set. It was just the quartet of Haynes, bassist Jorgen Carlsson, multi-instrumentalist Danny Louis and drummer Matt Abts for the reminder of the first half as they worked up such favorites as “Bad Little Doggie,” “Broke Down On The Brazos” and “Game Face” > “Mountain Jam” > “Game Face.” Following a rendition of the new album’s title track, Mule offered the concert debut of the song “Girl With No Self-Esteem.” The new addition to the repertoire was trailed by a set closing “Thorazine Shuffle” features elements of “Oye Como Va” and “Glad.”

“Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground” began the set second set, and then the guests started to arrive onstage. Saxophonist Ron Holloway emerged to augment “Mule” and “Devil Like It Slow.” A few songs later The Better Half Singers featuring the wives of Louis and Carlsson, vocalists Machan Taylor and Mini Carlsson, as well as Jen Gunderman and Debrissa McKinney were brought out for “Easy Times” and “30 Days In The Hole” which also featured guitarist Audley Freed sitting-in. The singers exited as Holloway returned for a set ending take on The Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post.”

The encore began back where the show started via the second part of “Traveling Tune.” Freed and Holloway then came on for a show closing rendition of “Key To The Highway.”

Set One: Traveling Tune > Bad Little Doggie, Brand New Angel, Broke Down On The Brazos, No Need To Suffer, Fool’s Moon, Game Face > Mountain Jam > Game Face, The Man I Want To Be, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, Girl With No Self-Esteem (Concert Debut), Thorazine Shuffle (with Oye Como Va & Glad teases)

Set Two: Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground, Mule (with Ron Holloway & Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf tease), Devil Likes It Slow (with Ron Holloway & The Jetsons Theme tease), Rocking Horse, Banks Of The Deep End, Time To Confess, Easy Times (with The Better Half Singers), 30 Days In The Hole (with Audley Freed & The Better Half Singers), Whipping Post (with Ron Holloway & Audley Freed)

Encore: Traveling Tune > Key To The Highway (with Ron Holloway & Audley Freed)

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