Gov’t Mule: Band promises surprises at Rose Music Center show

via My Dayton Daily News

Gov’t Mule, performing at Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Tuesday, Aug. 21, has always been about musical exploration. Since forming in 1994 as a side project for Allman Brothers Band members Warren Haynes (guitar) and Allen Woody (bass), the group has delved into a southern-fried brand of blues rock that also makes way for hints of reggae, psychedelia, R&B and other styles.

Haynes took some time to field a few questions from us about how the band is doing and where it’s headed.

What’s the current state of Gov’t Mule?

We’re in a really good place right now. Being on the other side of 20 years, we feel like we’ve got a fresh start. It’s a whole new chapter so we’re looking at things through different lenses. We can go wherever we want to go. We feel like we’ve got one foot at the beginning, where we started out, and one foot constantly looking for new ground.

What musical landscapes are left unexplored for the band?

There isn’t any genre of music we’re influenced by we haven’t already pursued at this point but we’re always trying to shake things up and keep adding to our long list of influences. We all love so many different types of music.

How did you come to that approach?

Since we started out as a side project to the Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule was just something to do for fun. We didn’t have any expectations it would go on for this long so every decision we made was based on what was the most fun thing to do. That worked so we maintained that philosophy. I’m not saying it would work for everyone but if more bands did what was in their heart we’d have a better music scene in general. We feel lucky and privileged to be allowed to do that.


This summer you’re doing normal Gov’t Mule shows, as if there is such a thing, but also the Pink Floyd-themed Dark Side of the Mule shows. What are you bringing into Rose Music Center?

We only have three more “Dark Side” shows coming up. The rest of the shows are, I guess, normal Gov’t Mule shows. But, like you say, there isn’t necessarily a normal Gov’t Mule show because we do a different set list every night. We have no idea what we’re going to play until the day before or sometimes even the day of the show. That keeps it fun for us and for the audience as well. It keeps us energized and feeling fresh about what we’re doing. It starts with that so if we’re having fun, the audience picks up on it.