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2017 High Sierra Music Festival: Highlights and Ones To Watch

via Glide Magazine

We end where this review began, riding the Mule into the midnight hour. One hesitates to call a set “perfect” but this was damn near to it. They began with a block of early classics that made longtime fans like myself nearly burst with joy doing the “Thorazine Shuffle” and wondering when our mule and 40 acres was gonna arrive. Warren Haynes and company’s ability to read an audience and give ‘em what they need is greatly under-appreciated, and for a final big gasp after the embarrassment of pleasures of the preceding days they hit just the right notes, including heavy nods to Haynes’ old band leader in ABB, the dynamic, emotion-stuffed versions of “Dreams,” “Come And Go Blues,” “Soulshine,” “Kind of Bird” and “Whipping Post” serving as celebrations of Gregg’s life and an aid in mourning his absence from the world now. But, this band does not sleep and “Traveling Tune” and the defiant title track from their new 2017 album, Revolution Come… Revolution Go, show there’s still lots of powder in their arsenal. This band can play virtually anything and the choices they made at High Sierra fit the final stretch, bittersweet mood of many folks to a goddamn tee. Seen these boys a whole bunch of times but ain’t never seen them better than this tightly drawn performance.